Myles Garrett and the Hall of Fame

Photo: Talk the Land

Hall of Fame weekend has came and went, and since I’m from the Hall of Fame City itself, Canton, OH, that means it’s time to take a look at something so obscure and so far-fetched that it could only involve the Cleveland Browns, it’s prized rookie defensive end, and of course, a whole lot of conjecture.

The Browns made Myles Garrett the 51st number one overall pick in the NFL Draft (since the AFL and NFL merged their drafts in 1967.) Being selected first in the draft carries with it a heavy burden of changing the direction of a usually moribund franchise.

If that’s the case here, being the first overall pick and going to the Browns has got to be something akin to being handed a Golden Ticket but no way of getting to the factory.

Out of those 51 first picks, 14 are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (for a whopping 27%). If you take out the five guys selected before the modern draft, that means we’re down to 10 (or 20%). Sure, there are players chosen in the last 20 years that could see that percentage rise (the Manning brothers come to mind), but in all fairness, there are far fewer possibilities than realistic ones.

So, what does that mean for Mr. Garrett?

Quite simply, nothing.

Browns fans are always hoping for the best when it comes to first round draft picks, but far often than not, have been consistently left disappointed.

Twice before since their return, the Browns have picked first. Through a series of injuries and just poor play all around them, both Tim Couch and Courtney Brown have faded from everyone’s memories but those who cheer for the brown and orange.

Now, there’s Garrett.

For fans and the front-office alike, Garrett doesn’t have to be Lawrence Taylor, Bruce Smith, or Reggie White. If he is, even better, but right now, they just need him to be better than Brown. And Mingo. And Warren. And Gilbert.

Just to name a few.

Because let’s face it. The chances of Garrett being a Hall of Famer are slim, to say the least, so let’s not measure him for a yellow jacket just yet. Instead, it’ll be up to Browns fans to temper their emotions, hopes, and unrealistic dreams once the season starts.

…Or not, because, well, we are Browns fans, after all.


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