Cavs Unveil New Uniforms, Fans Barely Notice

With the NBA switching from Adidas to Nike as their official uniform provider, starting with the upcoming 2017-18 season, teams have begun unveiling new designs.

When we say new, we’re being kind. So far, the majority are just updates on previous designs, as most teams aren’t taking the full plunge and debuting a whole new look. One of the few who did anything interesting, the Indiana Pacers, either have the coolest new uniforms or the worst, depending on who you ask. (We actually like them a lot. That new logo is amazing.)

Which of course, leads us to our very own Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now, while we’re no Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch, we still have strong opinions about these new unis and we’re going to share them with anyone and everyone who will listen.

What Works

Contrary to what the aforementioned Unrivaled Understander of Unis thinks, the new typeface is a bold and positive upgrade over recent Cavs uniforms. When the team announced their new image and logos back in May, we were all about it then and now that we see it on a uniform, it looks even better.

The hints of gold on both uniforms is a nice touch and not overdone (I can’t be the only one who thought the old gold unis looked like the team bathed in mustard, right?)

Photo: Talk the Land

Finally, the corporate logo the team will sport representing Goodyear is the least intrusive of any we’ve seen so far. It looks natural and unforced instead of being a distraction or an obvious billboard as the team plays.

What Doesn’t

All that said, there are some definite issues.

For one, the wine uniform set is really, really dark. It could just be the lighting in the photo, but it looks almost purple. The “CLE” and “CAVS” on the waistband is also pretty weird (especially if you aren’t used to anything being there otherwise.)

The biggest failure is the number font. While it (of course) matches the wordmarks, it still looks really, really strange and out of place. Some look better than others. Maybe it’s just the guys who have a four or six in their uniforms that will stand out.

Final Thoughts

The problem here is that the team announced these uniforms and the fanbase barely peeped. Sure, with #KyrieGate, their minds are surely somewhere else, but for Nike and the NBA, you want people to be excited about you know, merchandise.

While these two designs aren’t bad, it’s possible that everyone is waiting for the two additional designs.

See, Nike is being all fancy.

You’ve noticed I haven’t once called these the “home” and “away” uniforms because (for now), that’s a thing of the past. The above uniform sets are the “Association Edition” (typically the team’s white uniform) and the “Icon Edition.” There will be two other “editions” that teams will be able to wear throughout the season. One is rumored to be a “Classic Edition.”

This will more than likely be close to the “Hardwood Classics” or retro-style uniforms all teams have in their game-day arsenal now. The Cavs have done an excellent job of integrating classic designs year-by-year, but let’s face it–we’re all waiting for this one to make another appearance.

Photo: Sporting News

Grade: (so far) B-

What do you think of the new uniforms? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter @TalktheLand.


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