About Us

The Land.

Home of the many brave souls who indiscriminately love and follow the Indians, the Cavaliers, and the Browns. For years, we waited impatiently for a championship, any championship really, and were finally rewarded by the beloved Cavaliers in 2016. No longer were we the bottom-feeding laughingstocks of the sports world. Not only did we come back from a 3-1 NBA Finals deficit (the first in history to ever do so), we gladly retweeted each and every meme that lauded our victory and piled on our opponent.

Then the unthinkable happened. Four months later, the Indians were in their first World Series since 1997. To top it all off, we were ahead 3 games to 1. The heavily favored Chicago Cubs would storm back and take the title right out of our hands, in front of thousands at Progressive Field. We made it interesting, with the rain delay and the extra innings. But, we fell.

But this was still The Land.

We look at every bit of adversity and continually remind everyone within earshot that we’re blue collar. That we love our teams no matter what. That we’ll go down to the Muni Lot every Sunday afternoon and be drunk before kick off, just to ensure we can bark and cheer for the back up quarterback…it’s who we are.

Here at Talk the Land, our goal is simple. We want to tap into this love and adoration and write about it. We want to laugh about it, together, with all of you. Eventually, we’ll even talk about it weekly on a podcast.

Until then, we will give you features befitting our great teams, odes to times past, and a great deal of opinions–oh, we have opinions.

We look forward to sharing it all, with you.